Sunday, April 25, 2010

Berkelah de' Sungai Tekala

recreation with not proper planning..
around 2 pm me, my bf and my lil brother decided to go for the picnic at sungai tekala semenyih.. 
then my mom help us packing up the food to bring along.. 
it was such a long time i didn't go to picnic,
actually we are planned for picnic early in april,
but since i busy with my project and my thesis so we postponed to next weekends..
and here are some pictures of sg. tekala.. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Final Chapter in UNITEN


what i mean by final chapter in uniten was thesis.. today is the dateline to submit thesis and got too many things happen in a last minute.. firstly, i, sofia and syima plan want to go to the program that conducted by uniten for graduating students because we are thought that we wont spend so much time on print the thesis, but when time i arrived at printing shop, syima told me that thesis should be in 2 copies, one for the lecturer and one for the college.. so as a conclusion, i should ignore the program and focus on thesis.. huh! and while finish printing, i just realize that my soft copy of system is not with me.. owh thesis!!! is not enough when u didn't give me enough sleep..? however, thanks to my sayang because he bring me here and there.. i know he tired and he mumbling sometimes but when time i want to take picture with him, he manage to smile.. I'm happy to see that.. actually we got fight early morning, because he woke up late!! sayang.. please don't do it again..? and friends sorry to keep you waited..
He Smiling

hmm by the way, thesis is the final thing that i do in uniten as a  end of life at uniten , after this no more classes, labs, notes, assignments, quizzes, tests, reports and final exams. surely I'm gonna miss friends and the lecturers.. dear friends take care, all the best for your future, do keep in touch to each other, we had such a precious moments together since we r in foundation.. i love u all with all my heart..

Latest Pic Taken With Them 


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

saya ♥ kamu

rindu sangat sama kamu.

mohd ridhwan wahed

take care while memancing ok?

P/S i love you.