Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ALLAH's Test


My story today is about my dear. Hmm.. by right, today is his flight ticket to Makkah but due to he still not getting his passport yet, so the flight was postponed for the second time.. poor to him.. he faced with a lot of test when he want to perform Umrah..
Actually on the last 8th of April is his 1st flight ticket, but because of he forgot that he got debt with PTPTN and his status is BLACKLISTED, so he cannot go through the immigration process. Only he in his family that stuck in Malaysia but his mom, dad and brother continue to perform Umrah. So his sister and brother in law bring my dear to their home and plan to settle his debt with PTPTN on monday, which is 11th of April. After rushing to made a payment with PTPTN, he has been informed by Umrah Agency that they cannot find a flight ticket for my dear on that day, unless my dear want to go on Friday which is 15th of April. Actually if he follow the planned schedule to Makkah, they should going back to KUL on 21st of April. So what is the purpose if he still continue on 15th of April and going back on 21st of April, it is only short time is it. Am sure that he wont get enough time to perform his Umrah. That is why he was decided to make it other time. But today still not his day where as he still have to postponed his journey to Makkah on Wednesday 11th of May.

I know he disappointed, i know he frustrated, i know he gave up, i know he down with himself.. i do understand what his feeling..

 "Dear, faced ALLAH's test with open heart, take it as positively. You are lucky because ALLAH test your before you reach His home. Have you heard from others? Please remember, ALLAH's test us because he want us to always remember of Him.."

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