Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ordinary but special to me


Today i want to share my happiness with you guys...

My boy called me and saying that his dad got job offer for him at Port Dickson as supervisor. I was really thankful to اَللّهُ. Finally my boy is employed after he tried to be employed by others company a few times already at other place..
i am very thankful and happy!

After quite along time, today only i had dinner with my mom and sum more she cooked for me.. i am not into that situation for the past 7-11 months ago, if i am not mistaken.. actually we have an argument last time, but now our relationship getting back to normal already.. that is why i said that it's ordinary but it's special to me.. 
i am very very thankful and happy!

Also today is the date for my boy go to Makkah to perform his Umrah.. His flight ticket at 1:00 in the morning.. i hope he will have a safe journey go to اَللّهُ home and return back to Malaysia..
i am very very very thankful and happy!

Thank you اَللّهُ 

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